Dentistry is no more the extraction of teeth only, but it is an emerging branch of medicine with the emphasis on conservation of tooth, replacement of teeth with life look appearance & Dental Implants. In ancient history of Indian medicine & ayurveda, dentistry was having its existence as a part and parcel of medicine for good health as ”The oral cavity is a mirror of good health of a person”. I am happy to bless Dr. Himanshu Aeran & his family on the occasion of Inauguration of Aeran Dental Care. I appreciate Dr. Aeran’s capabilities with a very special inclination towards the cause of service to humankind. I am sure that he will continue to serve the society with the spirit of service on his principle “Service Above Self”. With all blessings & good wishes to him & his newly opened centre.


Swami Chidanand Saraswati

President Parmarth Niketan Rishikesh

I visited recently the newly opened Aeran Dental Care, Rishikesh for my dental problem. During my visit to Rishikesh, I am really impressed by ambiance & the facilities available at the centre. But I got touched by the care provided to me by the team of doctors especially by Dr. Sonali Bhattacharya. I also get ayurvedic solution for my chronic problems by a very senior & humble physician Dr.K Gupta. I will like to visit & to spend more time at this good centre being run by nice people for my complete dental rehabilitation whenever I will come to India again.

Mrs. Sujan Summers

Sydney, Australia

I have known Dr.Himanshu Aeran since the past 18 years; He has an excellent academic performance along with an experience of more than 22 years in dental practice. Apart from being a good teacher and Prosthodontist. Himanshu is a very kind person; he has organized thousands of dental check up camps free of cost which is a proof for his special interest in community service. I congratulate him on the opening of his new clinic at Rishikesh and wish him all the very best in the life ahead.

Dr. Mahesh Verma

Vice President DCI
Director Principal
Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Science
New Delhi

I thank Dr. Himanshu Aeran for increasing my confidence and smile. I have stains all over my teeth and my tooth color could not contrast the color of my skin. I got my treatment done from him and now I can smile without any hesitation. I got married in USA & I found the treatment given by Dr. Aeran to me is at par with International standards. Whenever I visit India I never forget to get my dental checkup done by him , doesn’t matter to me wherever he is. I am happy now it will serve dual purpose of pilgrim trip to scenic Rishikesh along with my dental checkup. Thank you once again.

Mrs. Navita Garg Agarwal


Dr. Aeran is a good dental professional and academician with a wide exposure to his profession who is always working hard for the betterment of education in dentistry. He is a regular orator in National & International conferences, workshops & symposiums to share his knowledge. As I know him he is a God fearing person and a real friend of friends. I know him since past 15 years. I wish him prosperity and good luck in years to come.

Dr. Suhasini Nagda

Immediate vice President, IPS
Dean, Nayyar Dental College

I have been visiting India every once a year since the past 6-7 years as I am very keen to learn Hindi language and I am very much influenced by the Indian culture. I was having problems regarding my teeth, and was not able to chew my food adequately and also the bridgework in my mouth was causing me problems. It was then that I came to know about Aeran Dental Care. I met Dr. Himanshu Aeran and told him about the problems that I was facing. He listened to me very patiently and offered me the best possible choices for my treatment. I have undergone what is called as a Full Mouth Rehabilitation that includes crown and bridge work of whole set of teeth, and I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment. Thanks to Dr. Aeran that I can have whatever I please again.

Peter Maccullough



During my stay at Rishikesh I got pain in my upper tooth of the left side which was previously restored at Germany. I visited Aeran Dental Care to get a temporary relief from the pain. I consulted Dr. Aeran who was very nice to me and his way to tackle the problem was so good that I got the root canal treatment done for the same tooth and also a metal free ceramic crown for the same tooth. I am a very apprehensive dental patient since my childhood days, but I have been dealt by Dr. Aeran so affectionately, that I got rid of this fear and now I rate him as my favourite dentist. The appearance of my crown is so natural that it is impossible to detect it as artificial.




Thanks to Dr. Himanshu Aeran that I can smile without any hesitation in front of everybody. I was having dental fluorosis with brown spots all over my teeth which degraded my public relation and self confidence but Dr. Aeran treated them with full mouth rehabilitation and I myself could not believe the changes they have brought since then. I would like to recommend everyone with any kind of dental problems to Dr. Aeran. His expertise in the subject is unquestionable.

Devendra Chaudhary

IAS Gujarat

I was having some problem in my tooth during my visit at Rishikesh. One of my Russian friend sent me to Aeran dental care situated at Rishikesh, where I was treated by Dr. Himanshu Aeran and his team of dental experts. The quality of work done by them is at par with the international standards and their behaviour is really good with the patients.

Henrik Nielsena



During my yoga course at Rishikesh I visited Aeran Dental Clinic regarding my faulty silver dental fillings. Dr. Himanshu advised me to replace fillings with tooth colour fillings in many of my teeth. He did them so perfectly that it is hard to detect that these teeth are filled. During the course of my treatment I found a very comfortable and hygienic environment at the clinic. I must say that it is a very cost effective and professionally managed dental centre at Rishikesh and I am planning to get my dental implants done during my next visit in 2014.

Tavia Gill Seppina



I am always a patient to Dr. Aeran since 1990. Iam really grateful to him for providing me a comfortable dental care throughout the period and I recommend him to all my fellow colleagues. He has given me a set of partial dentures 5 years back, it's been 5 years of care free living I do not feel any discomfort and I am very confident while talking and smiling.

Shri Purushottam Niwas

Distt.Juvenile Judge(retd.)
Civil Lines Bijnor

I am a frequent visitor to India and in my previous visit, I got my Dental treatment done at Mumbai and Goa. Last year I had some problem in the lower back tooth, which I got treated at Aeran Dental Care at Rishikesh. Root canal treatments was done followed by metal ceramic crowns. I found this clinic as a very professionally managed unit in which various dental treatment is done by particular dental specialists and not by a single dentist. Moreover they are not money minded. I am very happy with the outcome of my dental treatment.




I had undergone root canal treatment by Dr. Himanshu Aeran, and I did not feel any pain throughout the whole procedure and that has increased my confidence in him and towards dental treatment. Keep it up doctor and thank you.

Mr. S.N. Singh

Senior IPS Officer

It is a well-known fact that if you have faith in someone, you will always turn to that person in your hour of need. Same is the case for me with Dr. Himanshu. Even my daughter is a capable dental surgeon with all the knowledge in the subject but I get my treatment done only by Dr. Himanshu because of the immense faith I have in him since the past 12 years. Besides knowing his subject deeply he is a man who believes in perfection. He is not only masters in his subject but he also masters in patient dealing with a humanitarian touch.

Commador S.N. Dogra

Model Town, New Delhi

I am a senior tax advocate at Rishikesh. I had been recommended by my previous dentist to Dr. Himanshu Aeran from Dehradun and now, I am a patient of Dr. Aeran since the past 1 year. I have got various treatments done like root canal treatment, fixed crowns and bridges on my teeth. I am very satisfied with the treatment that Dr. Himanshu and all the dental specialists have given me at Aeran Dental Clinic.

N. D. Bareija


+91 9412058385

Last year I was at Rishikesh for my yoga classes and one of my front filling in the tooth got fractured which was very embarrassing. I visited Aeran Dental Clinic for some alternative treatment so that I can get it restored once I reach back to my place from my previous dentist but, I found the standards of the clinic up to my expectations and interaction with Dr. Aeran was very convincing. So I decided to get my treatment done at his clinic. He first made a temporary crown which made my stay comfortable and finally a metal free crown that looked very beautiful as I am very concerned with my looks. I am very happy with the excellent esthetical outcome of my treatment at Aeran Dental Clinic.



My name is Harbans Flora. I am a Germany based Indian and share my native root from India. I visit India almost once a year. I had problems with my teeth as the anterior teeth were very much protruding forwardly and my back teeth were worn out. I came to know about Aeran Dental Care from a friend of mine. At this clinic I got few of my teeth root canal treated and crowns and bridges for my full mouth. I am very satisfied with the quality of treatment that is at par with the international standards. I have no hesitation to say that I found Aeran dental care a very competent and nicely managed dental clinic. I recommend everyone with any kind of dental problem to visit this clinic.

Harbans Flora



I had been recommended by one of my German friend Claidia for filling of my tooth and regular dental check up at Aeran Dental Care. I got my dental treatment done by Dr. Himanshu Aeran and I was very much influenced by the setup of the clinic and I am Very happy with my treatment. Thank you Dr. Aeran for being such a nice dentist.

Lama Laucia


Yoga Teacher


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