Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism: Affordable Dental Care with Exotic Vacation?

Most of the population is suffering from any one of dental ailment, unfortunately most of the time it remains symptom less and do not create any pain/problem to the individual, while it is easily treatable/manageable at this early stage. Due to our busy life style we have no time to get this treatment done at this alarming stage.

As dental treatment prices climb and insurance cover decreases in countries like USA, Canada, European and Gulf countries, the alternatives to this expensive dental care has become less of a luxury and more of a need. India is a favorite destination to achieve it. As we have a world class dental treatment at an affordable price with lot of tourist attractions like heritage, yoga, historical and cultural enrichment.


At Aeran Dental Care you’ll find everything you need to make an informed, independent decision to get back your new, bright smile. “Your comfort and satisfaction in all dental treatment is our motto”.

Rishikesh the perfect destination for Dental Tourism

What makes Rishikesh a unique travel destination ?

'Pilgrims’ destination Rishikesh is a well-known centre for pilgrims due to the history and its situation at the banks of holy river Ganga.

International Yoga Centre with the availability of world class Yoga Gurus in the vicinity of scenic hill views to rejuvenate the body and brain with the regimes of Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Spa, Yoga etc. It’s always a tranquilizing effect with complete relaxation and rejuvenation to stay at Rishikesh in many good hotels and ashrams with all modern facilities at affordable price.

Rishikesh tourist attractions also possesses the Adventure Tourism in Nature like Rafting, Camping, Jungle Safari, Bunjee Jumping, Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Bird Watching, jungle Camping etc..

Travelling to Rishikesh will always be an enriching and exciting experience for those who have yet to visit it. You can do all the above activities nearby area just within 5-10 km from Aeran Dental Care.

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